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Music Award Application


The Jamestown Community Chorus is offering an award of $500  to encourage musical interests among people who are active in the Jamestown music community.  It can be used for  instructional books, music lessons, music workshops, undergraduate education and/or any other expense directly related to musical development. The award is made possible through the generous support of chorus members, friends of the chorus and merchants in Jamestown and surrounding communities.

Applicants must:

*Be of middle school age or older (6th grade and up)

*Be an active participant in the Jamestown music community

*Use the award within one year

*Complete the application process below

*Be available on Sunday, May 4, 2014 to attend the 3 pm concert of the Jamestown Community Chorus where the award will be presented.

*Agree to perform at a future Jamestown Community Talent show and/or other Community Chorus fundraising event

Application Process:

To apply, please provide the following information and send to:

Jamestown Community Chorus, PO Box 602, Jamestown  RI  02835. Applications must be postmarked by Friday April 11, 2014. Please write “Music Award” on envelopes.

*Name, address and phone

*Name of school and grade if you are a student

* A letter of reference from someone other than immediate family

*An essay that includes your musical background, specific information on how you will use the award and how the award will further your musical interests

*Sign and date (if under 18, parent or guardian must sign as well)

Chorus members, family of either the JCC board or of the Music Award committee and previous winners are not eligible for this award.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact annturnergillespie@gmail.com or call 401 835 1829.

JCC contact info:  P.O. Box 602, Jamestown, RI  02835  www.jamestownrchorus.com   (401) 423-1574


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