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Job Opportunity – Assistant to the Director

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Assistant to the Director Job Description



The Jamestown Community Chorus (JCC) is a local chorus comprised of volunteer singers from Jamestown and surrounding communities. The JCC is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary.



B.J. Whitehouse has served as the JCC’s Director for the past 30 years. Mr. Whitehouse and the Chorus Accompanist are currently the only salaried personnel.


New JCC position:

The JCC Board is creating a new position, Assistant to the Director. The candidate must have working experience with both music and theater, particularly with the backstage and publicity sectors of performance; skills that include website and social media maintenance; and physical ability to climb ladders, lift and install equipment (40 lbs max).  Organizational, computer and writing skills are required, along with the ability to recruit and work with volunteers and the public in a professional and courteous style.


Duties of the new position:

The Assistant to the Director will hold a position as an independent contractor.  Duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • RehearsalsCreate duplicate CD’s for distribution to four sections of the chorus.
  • Concerts–(4 concerts total, 2 in December and 2 in May; 1 Dress Rehearsal each for December and May concerts). The performances are given at the Jamestown Recreation Center.
  1. Work with the Publicity Chair on publicity, including weekly updating and maintenance of the chorus website and Facebook page using their own resources.
  2. Concert responsibilities include organizing volunteers to set up and strike chairs, risers, light/sound equipment, and required scaffolding in a safe manner. Communicate with the public, venue staff, members, Director, and Board.
  3. Capture and edit audio recording of concerts.
  • Talent Show
  1. Manage and direct the Talent Show (1 show in August).
  2. Oversee volunteers managing a fundraising raffle.
  3. Arrange for an accompanist.
  4. Hold two nights of auditions.
  5. Set up chairs and necessary sound/light equipment with assistance from volunteers; strike set afterwards.
  6. Set order and direct talent show.



Amount of compensation to be negotiated.


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